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More pictures from the collection can be found here.


Tyler, the Creator, the leader of the LA based hip-hop/rap collective Odd Future is off to better and bigger things this year. After dropping his long-awaited album, Cherry Bomb, Tyler put on a fashion show to showcase his new Golf Wang clothing line. Odd Future clothing has always been a major part of Odd Future’s branding since the collective became popular around 2009-10. You were able to find t-shirts, socks, pants, and stickers with their logos on it via the Odd Future store in Los Angeles before they recently closed down last year. However, his first collection within MADE Fashion Week in LA is very different. With vibrant colors and amazing sets of patterns, the clothes are less about Odd Future’s brand and more about serious fashion. 




The forty five minute long fashion show was worth the watch. There were supporting celebrities in the crowd like Kanye West, Kendall Jenner, and Frank Ocean. The runway was beautifully set up with giant roses and sunflowers lacing the edges and with a skate ramp in the middle. Very Tyler-esque, it started off with a skit of him in a bedroom; he woke up, checked his phone, and started to get ready, showing us a whole bunch of Golf Wang branded gear: Golf Wang robes, toothbrushes, and bedsheets. After the skit, the models started to pour out; the first few were riding on dirt bikes, which is exactly something you could imagine at a fashion show planned out by Tyler, the Creator. The fashion show did not only showcase his new set of clothes, but he even showed the crowd his plans and interest in making furniture. There were big chairs that looked like Coca Cola bottles and a table that resembled an oversized skateboard. “I got some sick ideas. These are the first chairs that I designed or that I thought of when I first started coming up with furniture ideas years ago…they came out sick.” The rest of the show continued with more modeling, more skits, skateboarding and during the end, a live performance of Tyler’s song “My Ego”.



Lastly he announced that he is coming out with a new shoe line. He has had deals with Vans for a long time but now he’s trying to go completely independent with his own show line: Golf Le Fleur. He even went Oprah style and offered everyone that was at the fashion show a free pair of shoes from the collection. “You get a shoe! You get a shoe! You get a shoe! You get a shoe…”

“Growing up as an inner city black kid, I wasn’t the most masculine. You know, I wasn’t into sports. I liked pink… and growing up liking pink and colors and patterns and all that shit wasn’t cool but…I took this pink shit to this [runway] right here.” Tyler continues to inspire and spread his creativity in a positive way; people should do what they like, regardless of their background. End of story. 

Watch the full show here.

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