This shoot is inspired by the teachings of Reclaiming Witchcraft, a Goddess-based spirituality that merges feminism and environmental activism. We attempted to emulate Starhawk’s, the creator of the movement, two following spells from her book, The Spiral Dance.






Safe Space Spell: Cast a circle. Raise energy. Sit facing South, and light a candle. Hold in both hands a cup of milk mixed with sugar. Visualize, one after another, all the people and places that have made ou feel safe and secure. Concentrate and project the feeling into the milk. Raise the cup to your mouth and breathe the feeling of security into it. Look at the candle flame and visualize three women, all dressed in red. They ove toward you and merge into one figure. Imagine she places her hands over yours and lifts the cup to your lips. Say, ‘I have been with you from the beginning.’ Drink the milk. Earth the power and feel the safe space within yourself. Bind the spell. Release the circle









Spell to be friends with your womb: Cast a circle. Light a red candle. With the third finger of your left hand, rub a few drops of your menstrual blood on the candle. Raise power. Feel the blood’s essence drawn into the flame. Let the light warm you and fill you. Feel your own blood as the essence of the life force. Draw light from the candle into your womb. Let it fill you and spread slowly through your entire body from your womb center, charging you with energy and warmth. Bind the spell. Earth the power. Open the circle.






Reclaiming Creative Energy



Clothes: Mercy Vintage

Production: Kylie Cherin, Abby Blaine, Michelle Chen, and Jake Trambert

Photography: Maddy Rotman

Models: Abby Blaine, Jessica Chen, Sahar Priano

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