Hiking in Lake Chabot: Leaving Civilization for Only a Little Bit

We all know very well how stressful school, exams, work, and just regular public interactions everyday can be, but we don’t always want to escape it entirely. Breaks and relaxation are wonderful things and going to a local regional park to hike or just sit down by yourself or with a friend is one of the great ways to satisfy that. When I’m stressed, especially now during the season of midterm storms, I just love to go to my local scenic spot, Lake Chabot Regional Park in Castro Valley.

It’s a quiet, but not too quiet park with a gorgeous lake and hiking trails. The thing about this park is that it gives you a lot of quiet space but it can also have a lot of sounds and company. There are always hikers and joggers every hour of the day sharing the trail with you but there are areas where you would not find a single soul around. There are always about three to four families of Canadian geese wandering around on the grass and I can never resist chasing them. And there are these bending trees that just create awesome arches over your head as you pass through. (They are just long trees but I think they’re magical).

lake chabot trees

Fishermen down at the lake shores make up the soft distant sounds when I go hiking so there’s a comfortable peace and merriment without having an eerie silence. So whenever you just feel like escaping the turbulence of civilization for just a little bit while still having some company around, Lake Chabot is the perfect place.

lake chabot j scott bush

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  1. Hi! I came across your site while looking for a pretty trail to take photos on. Would you mind telling me where exactly you took both of these photos? I’ve never been to Lake Chabot, but a pin point on a map might help? Thanks!

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