and it was on early mornings or rather late nights like these that the silence of the city about to wake suddenly becomes more beautiful than the most sublime of melodies and as the light slowly begins to seep into my window I listen to the rustle of the oak leaves as they remind me … Continue reading STREET STYLE MEETS POETRY

BARE Interviews: La Carmina

What are you wearing today? Tell us about your outfit. I spent the day exploring Hong Kong — I’m here with my film team, working with the new Sav hotel in Hung Hom. They flew us here to do a video about the opening, and I’m decorating my very own “La Carmina room” at the … Continue reading BARE Interviews: La Carmina

BARE Street Style: Staff Style

BARE Street Style is the division of BARE Magazine that documents the styles of those found around the UC Berkeley campus. But if we haven’t taken your picture yet, ever wondered what the people behind the camera looked like? And what must the style of people who always tell others “I like your style!” look … Continue reading BARE Street Style: Staff Style

I Love Sweden

Above, you’ll see some of the highlights from my time in Sweden so far, including snapshots of the trendy Södermalm neighborhood to deceivingly pretty flowers bent on triggering all of my allergies. My personal favorite photos are of a girl I met at the Summer Burst music festival, with One Direction and Justin Bieber tats … Continue reading I Love Sweden

Menswear Monday: Meet Treehouse

For this Menswear Monday, BARE took a trip to one of the most magical homes a group of students could live in, something they like to call “Treehouse”. Treehouse is one those pads where you’re just like, “Wow, it sucks to be me. Why don’t I live here? Where is my view? And how the … Continue reading Menswear Monday: Meet Treehouse

Menswear Monday: Meet Evan, Justin, & Max

This past Sunday, I found myself hanging out at Mission Dolores Park in San Francisco. If you have yet to visit Dolores, I suggest you finish this article first– then head on over to experience the park’s vibrant culture. Its diverse range of people made this Menswear Monday super easy and incredibly entertaining. Meet Evan, … Continue reading Menswear Monday: Meet Evan, Justin, & Max

Street Style – Umbrellas

I don’t do rain. Quite frankly, it baffles me. As a Los Angeles native, rain means weird slippery rubber shoes, bumper to bumper traffic, and bad hair. A light Berkeley sprinkle might as well be the equivalent of torrential downpour, which would explain why I freak out and end up late to class every time there’s … Continue reading Street Style – Umbrellas

Menswear Monday: Bringing Back the Birk

Name: Joshua Williams Spotted At: Urban Turbann on Northside Where are you from? “Los Angeles, California… but Earth.” What are you wearing? “I bought this shirt yesterday from a thrift store. Slow ride, take it easy. My socks are from this surf shop in Pasadena. My shoes are the Montana Birkenstocks.” If you haven’t already … Continue reading Menswear Monday: Bringing Back the Birk

Menswear Monday: Aaron & Cyrus

For this Menswear Monday, I found a couple of characters embracing the streets of Berkeley. Meet Aaron and Cyrus, two rad dudes traveling all the way from the quirky, offbeat city we know as Portland, Oregon.    What are they wearing? Aaron (left): “I literally have no idea. No clue. None at all. Thrifted, vintage grime and … Continue reading Menswear Monday: Aaron & Cyrus