and it was on early mornings
or rather late nights like these
that the silence of the city about to wake suddenly
becomes more beautiful
than the most sublime of melodies
and as the light slowly begins to seep into my window
I listen to the rustle of the oak leaves
as they remind me of  the way the
laughter of children in the park
warms me on the coldest of mornings
and as the autumn crisp descends upon us
both unexpected yet equally charming
we lay back into the trees
and forget time

As the onset of Fall has just approached, I decided to dress with a nostalgia for a pleasant autumn afternoon in the 1970s. Straying away from the typical bright and colorful hues of today’s floral shirts, this vintage 70’s collared button-down shirt has a warm, deep feeling to it with tones of oranges, reds, and yellows. The color scheme feels like stomping through a pile of bright colored leaves. Paired with a brown pleated skirt to neutralize the vivid patterns of my blouse, schoolgirl innocence emulates from the duo. I paired it with my white shell top Adidas sneakers in order to make this outfit more modern and comfortable.

IMG_3578-5Blouse and Skirt– MARS Thrift Shop,  Shoes- Adidas White and Black Superstars 

Pair my poem (posted below) with this sultry, tender tune, “Glory Box” by Portishead for a chilly Autumn evening.


BARE Interviews: La Carmina

La Carmina, alternative fashion blogger

What are you wearing today? Tell us about your outfit.

I spent the day exploring Hong Kong — I’m here with my film team, working with the new Sav hotel in Hung Hom. They flew us here to do a video about the opening, and I’m decorating my very own “La Carmina room” at the hotel! Since Hong Kong’s weather is hot and humid, I wore a casual, cotton grey and turquoise dress with leopard print. I got it second-hand in Tokyo. (The photos of me with the robot show the dress).
La Carmina, alternative fashion blogger

You’re an icon in the world of subculture fashion. Could you describe your favorite styles to us?

I’m inspired by Japanese style tribes, such as J-Gothic (spooky cute), Lolita (elegant Victorian-style dresses), Fairy Kei (pastels, retro) and Gyaru. There’s a lot of layering and kawaii involved in these street styles. Every time I return to Tokyo, I love to see what people are wearing in the underground scenes.

It appears that many of the styles that have influenced you come from Asian street and underground cultures. How did you get involved in these international fashion scenes?

My parents are from Hong Kong, so I frequently traveled with them to visit family in Asia, starting from the time I was a year old. (Fun fact: I was part of the Cathay Pacific Young Discoverers club, back in the 90s!) I also had some relatives in the fashion industry. As a result, I observed these styles up-close, from a very young age, and had the opportunity to acquire brands found only in Asia. I started wearing these styles in my teen years, and started my La Carmina blog in 2007 — and everything grew from there.
La Carmina, alternative fashion blogger

On that note, what do you think is different/similar between Western and Asian subculture fashion, if one were to be so bold as to make that distinction?

It’s hard to generalize, but Asian underground fashion tends to have layering, greater degrees of modesty, a focus on quality materials, and “kawaii” cuteness. For example, a Japanese Gothic Lolita might wear a ruffled blouse and bell skirt that goes over the knee, with a heat-shaped purse and pattern tights. She’d emphasize details and craftsmanship, such as high-quality lace. On the other hand, a typical “Western Goth club” look might be a short PVC skirt, fishnets, and a corset top.

Okay an easier question—you appear to love to experiment with your hair so what has been your favorite hair color so far?

I’ve tried pretty much every shade of the rainbow! These days, I gravitate to the cooler hues: reds, blues, purples. I think they suit me best, and stay in longer (pastels tend to fade out fast for me).
La Carmina, alternative fashion blogger

It appears you are also an experienced travel blogger. What has been your favorite destination in terms of fashion whether that be based on the area’s shops, the street fashions, etc.?

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I recently had a terrific time in Seoul, Korea. I loved exploring the slick K-pop culture, fashion and strange theme cafes in youth districts like Hongdae. I drank cocktails out of medical bags at a robot bar, hung out with YouTube stars Eat Your Kimchi, and ate cat-shaped cake at a Hello Kitty cafe.

What about the destination in terms of food? Food is always good.

Tokyo is hard to beat. The traditional food is unlike anywhere else in the world, and you can find great eats for cheap: takoyaki, ramen, izakayas, conveyer belt sushi, curry… The list goes on. I also enjoy visiting bizarre theme cafes, such as robot restaurants, 8-bit video game bars, and owl-petting cafes!
La Carmina, alternative fashion blogger

Speaking of travel, you were in San Francisco last week. What did you think of the Bay? What was your favorite moment during your trip out here?

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the world. I grew up in Vancouver, so the lifestyle suits me and I could easily live in SF. I adore the fresh seafood, beaches, architecture… and there’s a vibrant alternative scene, with roots in the 1960s hippie era. I stayed at the San Francisco Zen Center, filmed with ABC Nightline at the new cat cafe, and did a vintage kimono shoot at the Conservatory of Flowers. You can see all my SF posts here.

San Francisco is a mecha for art especially for that of independent artists. Do you have any art or artists who inspire you?

Absolutely, art is a big inspiration in my life. I adore the works of Art Nouveau master, Alphonse Mucha. As for modern artists, I recently had a wonderful time exploring the alternative galleries of New Orleans’ French Quarter. Local artist Kevin Thayer also did a live portrait of me, turning me into one of his dreamy, big-eyed subjects. I wrote about this here, with tons of photos.
La Carmina, alternative fashion blogger

As an experienced blogger, do you have tips for those looking to be as established and “quality” as you are?

Quality is a key word, and these days, bloggers are getting more and more professional. It’s important to keep up in terms of photography (shooting with DSLR cameras), site design (sleek and fast-loading, with medium-large images hosted on Cloudfront), technical know-how, and of course writing (at regular intervals). These days, I focus on longer posts and stories that open people’s eyes to some aspect of travel and culture, in addition to style. Social media is also a means to reach new audiences and interact.

BARE is a magazine made by and marketed to fellow college students. To all the college students out there who often have trouble juggling trying to look cute and making it to that 8am lecture, do you have a piece of advice to offer them?

I’d encourage them not to stress over looking cute! Education comes first – I graduated from Columbia University and Yale Law, and so much of what I learned went into my current blogging career. Most bloggers present only the “public” side of their lives, so it may seem like we’re perfectly coiffed all the time… but that’s not actually the reality. I also made a conscious decision to not blog in “real time,” meaning that my posts are often about events that happened months before. This way, the focus is on meaningful content, and not superficial daily appearance.

The theme of our issue this semester is “Me.” So I have to ask: what makes you you?

Funny you should ask, since I’m quite interested in Buddhism and recently have been reading more about no-self and impermanence… When I think about it, the external identifiers I’m known for (the way I dress, etc) aren’t truly essential to who I am. I don’t really have an answer, but for anyone struggling with change and identity, Herodotus has wise words: ‘No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.’
La Carmina, alternative fashion blogger

Last question: list the last five songs you’ve listened to.

I was doing a magazine cover shoot, and the makeup artist played vinyl records from her uncle’s collections. We listened to ELO (Turn to Stone), Led Zeppelin (Kashmir, In my Time of Dying), The Doors (Strange Days), Procol Harum (Whiter shade of pale).
Photo credits go to and Also, check out La Carmina on any or all of these social media platforms:

BARE Street Style: Staff Style

BARE Street Style is the division of BARE Magazine that documents the styles of those found around the UC Berkeley campus. But if we haven’t taken your picture yet, ever wondered what the people behind the camera looked like? And what must the style of people who always tell others “I like your style!” look like? Well here’s a post dedicated to the members of our street style team! Our staff for Spring 2015 includes street style director Susan and photographers Michelle, Fiona, Mia, and Vanda. We asked our street style photographers the questions usually asked of the people we photograph, such as name, year, major, and brands they are wearing. We asked the question “What characteristic or quality draws you to others?” since taking street style pictures involves interacting with other individuals. We also included the instagrams of our photographers, which are always listed as credit on our BARE Street Style instagram. Make sure to follow BARE Street Style on tumblr and instagram!

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 2.45.57 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-14 at 4.55.39 PM

Name: Susan Lee
Year: 2017
Major: Psychology
Wearing: Polo Sport, Thrift, Muji, Tevas
What characteristic or quality of others draws you to them? Shyness/Uncertainty
Instagram: @smilesusans

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 2.41.36 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-14 at 2.44.13 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-14 at 2.41.44 PM

 Name: Michelle Li
Year: 2017
Major: Media Studies/Asian American Studies
Wearing: Gap, Thrift, Crossroads, Zara, Filson
What characteristic or quality of others draws you to them? Sardonicism
Instagram: @michellybelly

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 5.07.41 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 2.51.29 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 5.14.23 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 5.11.04 PM

Name: Fiona Duerr
Year: 2018
Major: Environmental Design
Wearing: all Urban Outfitters
What characteristic or quality of others draws you to them? Boldness
Instagram: @yooooonaa

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.02.05 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.02.55 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.03.14 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.03.29 PM

Name: Mia Karminoff
Year: 2018
Major: Urban Design
Wearing: Thrift, Doc Marten’s
What characteristic or quality of others draws you to them?
Instagram: @mia.tortilla


Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 5.23.32 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 5.36.02 PM

Name: Vanda Saggese
Year: 2018
Major: Media Studies
Wearing: Vinche Camuto, J Brand, Generation Love
What characteristic or quality of others draws you to them? Passion
Instagram: @vsaggese

Check out BARE Street Style’s various social media sites to see the material we produce!

I Love Sweden

Above, you’ll see some of the highlights from my time in Sweden so far, including snapshots of the trendy Södermalm neighborhood to deceivingly pretty flowers bent on triggering all of my allergies. My personal favorite photos are of a girl I met at the Summer Burst music festival, with One Direction and Justin Bieber tats perfectly offsetting her Prada sunglasses.

It was 3 am and I couldn’t sleep; the bright sunlight outside my window wasn’t much help either. Welcome to summer in Stockholm, Sweden, where it only gets a little bit dark for a few hours each night. “WHAT AM I EVEN DOING HERE???!?” I thought to myself pathetically as my allotted hours for sleep dwindled. I had to be at my internship the next morning, and something told me that arriving late due to jet lag and anxiety insomnia would not be appreciated. The thought echoed once more in my head (with feeling!). Why did I decide to come to a foreign country, where I don’t know anyone and I don’t speak the language? Why did I decide to interrupt my comfortable Southern California routine of watching Netflix and eating home-cooked Chinese food?

Ah, that’s right- routine is something I could never get the hang of (hah), and I love a challenge. I got the amazing opportunity to intern in Sweden at the company Happy Socks for one month in their public relations sector. Granted, going to Sweden is far less of a challenge than what my sister Emily is doing at the moment, braving the Amazon rainforest in Peru (and the bloodsucking bugs that come with it) in the admirable name of conservation research. Stockholm, on the opposite end of the spectrum, is international, urban, and amazingly livable for a city slicker like me.  And get this, according to the EF English Proficiency rankings, Sweden has the highest rate of English proficiency among adults.

What truly drew me to Sweden, above all else, is the aesthetic that seems to run through everything here. I see echoes of the stark serenity of Scandinavian nature mixed with a quirky art deco aesthetic that keeps Swedish creative output on the cutting edge of design. It’s undeniable that Swedish brands are championing the street style scene, with brands like Acne Studios, Cheap Monday, COS, Fjallraven, and WeSC seen on every other NYC cool kid. I’ll save my gushing over Swedish electro-pop for another post, so for now just take my word for it that Sweden is really, really cool.


Menswear Monday: Meet Treehouse

For this Menswear Monday, BARE took a trip to one of the most magical homes a group of students could live in, something they like to call “Treehouse”. Treehouse is one those pads where you’re just like, “Wow, it sucks to be me. Why don’t I live here? Where is my view? And how the hell did they score this place?” Hidden within the Berkeley Hills, you’ll find a home that’s adorned with trees and rests above the scintillating lights of the Bay. Home is where the heart is so they say, and the heart of this tree house belongs to Jake, Darcy, Lindsay, Rena, Jon, Julia, Marisa, Shayna, and Marko (left to right).



Lucky for us, Jon and Marko graciously opened up their home and closet doors for this week’s Menswear Monday.


Meet Jon Brandt

2nd Year, Economics Major

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 1.38.18 AM

What is he wearing?


Gnome Button-down, Urban Outfitters | Black Jeans, Orisue | Shoes, Doc Marten’s | Houndstooth Socks, Target | Glasses, Warby Parker

How would you describe your style?

I go for things that I feel most comfortable being seen in, but am still being true to my personality. My girlfriend steered me in a certain direction, and I’ve been building upon that.

A Question from Marko to Jon: If you could be any rapper who would you be?

Q-Tip. He’s a lyrical genius.

Bedroom Inspiration


Well… all of my sheets are blue. I like to feel like I’m floating in the ocean while I’m asleep. My walls are decorated with many special things from Guatemala. I wanted it to feel worldly.

Literally, he has a globe above his bed.

Meet Marko Gluhaich

2nd year, English Major


What is he wearing?

Textured Button-down & Suede Jacket, Black & Brown (the only good thrift store in San Jose) | Black Jeans, Levi’s | Loafers, Sebago | Socks, (also) Target

How would you describe your style?

“In high school I was most inspired by Bob Dylan, but now my dad is my biggest influence. I don’t know… according to you Alexa, I dress like a grandpa. I’m pretty much a middle-aged man.”

A Question from Jon to Marko: What guy would you be most proud to be holding hands with in public?

“Bill Murray. I mean, how could you not be proud?”

Bedroom Inspiration

“I was too lazy to ever decorate my walls, but I like the blank cork. It’s a simple space.”

What is the best thing about Treehouse?



Jon: The living room. Between the clashing, ugly colors of this couch to the beautiful tapestry with a demonic Newt Gingrich in the center to the dangling Christmas lights … I mean this living room provides a space I always find myself in. I never study in my room, it’s here I do it all. The living room is the epicenter of Treehouse.

 Marko: This plaid couch. I’ve spent more nights on this couch than in my own bed. I always wake up cold and uncomfortable. There’s nothing good about sleeping here, but I always do.

How would you describe your experiences living here?


Jon: I feel really lucky to be here…. Like the balcony, and seeing that view. I take it for granted sometimes, and the novelty has worn off at this point. But I still have moments where I’m just like ‘Wow. I can’t believe this is where I live and with all these amazing people.’ I’m sad to say goodbye to this house, but I’m excited for the adventures that lie ahead.

Marko: I wish I appreciated it more while I was here, and I really wish I spent more time here overall. I’m still in shock – when I go on the roof and see the view… I don’t know… For me, the novelty has definitely not worn off…

Jon: You have not spent enough time here.

Marko: …don’t speak for me! Good year. Good people.

Jon: And I’ve come into my own.

Covered & Curated by Alexa Penn, Creative Director of Menswear

Menswear Monday: Meet Evan, Justin, & Max

This past Sunday, I found myself hanging out at Mission Dolores Park in San Francisco. If you have yet to visit Dolores, I suggest you finish this article first– then head on over to experience the park’s vibrant culture. Its diverse range of people made this Menswear Monday super easy and incredibly entertaining. Meet Evan, Justin, and Max: three best friends reuniting for the weekend originally from Los Angeles, California.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Evan Davis, 23 – Photographer in San Francisco

 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

What is Evan wearing?

“My jacket was a 3 dollar find at a thrift store in Woodland, California. It’s a little farmer’s town outside of Davis. This purple American Apparel hoodie I actually got at a Lost & Found at the Cheviot Hills Recreational Center in LA. I’m not so sure how I feel about my shirt, but it was also thrifted. These boots are the canvas Doc Marten’s that I bought at their store in the Haight. Most importantly, these are my Sunday jeans – Levi’s, but my Sunday jeans. They have little holes in them, so they are relaxed… for Sunday’s.”


Check out Evan’s beautiful photographs here:

Justin Penn, 24 – Ocean Chemist at The University of Washington 

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

What is Justin wearing?


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

“My T-Shirt was specially screen-printed by this lovely man named Tomás Bowlski in Hilo, Hawaii. My cardigan is from Target and the jeans are Gap. This is an Obey button up from this awesome vintage and modern store in Seattle called Moshka. They foster and promote the arts and fashion via art shows by supporting local artisans. My loafers are from Italy.”

…“But make sure you emphasize Tomás Bowlski.”

Max Shapiro, 24 – Space Age Technology Designer

 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

What is Max wearing?

 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

“My shoes are Vans Rowley SPV. They don’t make them anymore, but they are by far the best shoes Vans have ever made. My shorts are from this store called SWRVE in Los Angeles, they make stylish urban cycling apparel.  This t-shirt I got when I was 15 at a flea market, but recently rediscovered it at my parents’ house back in LA. The sweatshirt is from American Giant here in SF. My hat originally had nothing on it. I added the Space Age Technology patch which I designed myself.”


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Max is an upcoming designer of Space Age Technology, creating waterproof backpacks from old billboards. They are currently in the prototype phase and the first fun will be out this summer.

 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

For a decade, Evan, Justin, and Max have managed to stay friends. I found myself easily intrigued by each of their unique styles and personalities.

So I had to ask – how did this friendship even evolve?

 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Justin: “We have similar world views.”

Max: We liked to skateboard. The first time the three of us hung out was at the 2004 X-Games.”

Evan: We all thought the other one was cooler, and used each other to make each other look even cooler. It’s ridiculous…we’ve gone through our phases. Justin had long, blonde hair and basically looked like Kurt Cobain. Max had liberty spikes. And I – well I was just me.”

 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

It was a blast shooting and getting to know these guys! And although they’re all different… somehow, they just work.

Covered by Alexa Penn, Creative Director of Menswear


Street Style – Umbrellas

I don’t do rain. Quite frankly, it baffles me. As a Los Angeles native, rain means weird slippery rubber shoes, bumper to bumper traffic, and bad hair. A light Berkeley sprinkle might as well be the equivalent of torrential downpour, which would explain why I freak out and end up late to class every time there’s a drizzle outside. Don’t even get me started on the fact that I can’t pull out my phone without running the risk of severe iPhone damage. But despite spending my rainy days counting the amount of things I slip on, I’ve recently noticed one thing that always makes those dreary days a little more bright: a really great umbrella.

A stellar umbrella is the perfect way to completely transform an outfit, lift someone’s mood, and best of all, protect all electronic devices, delicate fabrics, and well-done hair from becoming completely destroyed. So next time you open your front door and find yourself standing face to face with the Berkeley rain, take some pointers from the students below and get creative with your choice of overhead protection. You never know whose day you’ll be brightening up!

                                              Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 1.12.05 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 1.12.20 AM

Lauren DeMarti ’15 and Kendra opt for smaller patterns in contrasting colors.

                        Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 1.11.41 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 1.11.53 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 1.10.32 AM

Sophomores Madaly Alcala, Raychel Teasdale, and Valentine Baraldi show us their favorite winter accessories.

Pictures taken and article covered by Sarah Huerta.

Menswear Monday: Bringing Back the Birk

Mr. Williams enjoying the great outdoors

Name: Joshua Williams

Spotted At: Urban Turbann on Northside

Joshua Williams.fw

Where are you from?

“Los Angeles, California… but Earth.”

What are you wearing?

“I bought this shirt yesterday from a thrift store. Slow ride, take it easy. My socks are from this surf shop in Pasadena. My shoes are the Montana Birkenstocks.”



If you haven’t already noticed, Birkenstocks are making their rise back into the fashion world. With designers from Givenchy to Marc Jacobs making their own version of the chunky sandal, it’s time to bring back the Birk!

Joshua caught my eye because of his unique selection in footwear by the brand. The Montana’s present a more fashion-forward shoe-based style. The two-toned material mixed with leather is a funky, fun way to be in on the Birkenstock movement.

Curated & Covered by Alexa Penn, Creative Director of Menswear 

Menswear Monday: Aaron & Cyrus

For this Menswear Monday, I found a couple of characters embracing the streets of Berkeley. Meet Aaron and Cyrus, two rad dudes traveling all the way from the quirky, offbeat city we know as Portland, Oregon.

  10154688_10152150666494215_987960194_n (1)

What are they wearing?


Aaron (left): “I literally have no idea. No clue. None at all. Thrifted, vintage grime and my converse.”

Cyrus (right): “My upper body is all Ralph Lauren Polo. The cap is Aaron’s actually. The jeans are True Religion and reppin’ the vintage Adidas on my feet.”



As friends for 10 years and even a slight bromance happening, Aaron and Cyrus brought a special spunk to our streets with their laid back, old school flare.

“We promise, we aren’t models.”

Covered & Curated by Alexa Penn, Creative Director of Menswear

Wandering Street Style

Hello and welcome to the first installment of the new BARE series “Wandering Street Style”!

I’m sure during your time at Berkeley that you’ve come to notice the numerous rovers that are scattered along the streets, behind their stands selling knick knacks and doo dads, roaming through People’s Park, all essential to the spirit of Berkeley.

Though most of us have become so accustomed to these individuals that we pass them on the daily without giving them a second glance or thought, there is an unnoticed element of style to the way they wear their garments. It might be best characterized as “rugged,” maybe “unkempt,” but above all, “effortless.” There’s a certain nonchalance to the way they wear what they wear, and that in itself is just as powerful as the actual clothing being worn. Take a look below for several choice shots of what I call “wandering street style.”





"Nooo the kids are all gonna try to jack my style if you post this!"
“Nooo the kids are all gonna try to jack my style if you post this!”






"Hey you, boy with the camera, why don't you take a picture of me?"
“Hey you, boy with the camera, why don’t you take a picture of me?”



Sarvopama - "All humans exist in an endless cycle of suffering. To break free we must achieve a transcendent understanding!"
Sarvopama – “All humans exist in an endless cycle of suffering. To break free we must achieve a transcendent understanding!”


I hope you all will enjoy these tidbits as much as I do, and if not, I hope they at least opened your mind a little more, and encouraged you to seek any inspiration that just might be lying in plain sight. Hey, maybe now you’ll even see some of these fashion figures around the city yourself!

Keep an eye out for the next installment!