Workout Grooves

10 minutes in. Only 50 more to go. Your heartbeat gets faster and you feel sweat starting to drip from your neck. You fix your ponytail. You get faster when the bass drops and your run aligns with the beat of the track. 1, 2, 1, 2. Just think: it’s summer in less than 4 … Continue reading Workout Grooves

Spring Tease

One week. No lectures, labs, or discussions. Admit it—Berkeley kicks our asses. Hard. We’re constantly stressed out and deserve a break. It doesn’t matter where you’re from—you could be an international student from England or Japan. Your hometown might be Southern California. Or you might even live 10 minutes away from campus. Regardless, we all … Continue reading Spring Tease

Mood: Sunday Night/Monday Morning Feels

  Friday night was the Mission District in San Francisco. Saturday was the recovery day. And now Sunday- the “I’m definitely screwed” day. Sundays are meant to be lazy. It should be spent eating breakfast in bed, taking an afternoon jog, reading a book and definitely watching Netflix. But we’re in Berkeley and it’s probably … Continue reading Mood: Sunday Night/Monday Morning Feels

Mood: Studying (or not) in a coffee shop

Illustration by Tina Xu I have my books with me and finally have an iced coffee (instead of hot) because Berkeley slightly resembles Los Angeles right now. I could be doing anything right now. I could be outside. I could be eating. I could be home. I could be in bed. I could definitely be … Continue reading Mood: Studying (or not) in a coffee shop

Mood: Heatwave in Berkeley

I woke up dripping sweat because obviously, there’s no AC. I just have one very lame fan that barely does anything to keep me from having a heat stroke. I sat there, trying to decide what to do. Should I try to sleep for another hour or just force myself to take a freezing cold … Continue reading Mood: Heatwave in Berkeley

15 songs that will make you wish it were summer

Dreams, passions, nostalgia, and memories. These are just a few of the things that make us human. Music has the power to take us back to certain places, whether the past or the future. But sometimes (and most of the time), you just have to live in the moment. These 15 songs have enough dreamy, … Continue reading 15 songs that will make you wish it were summer

What’s On Your Playlist?

Need some new music? Here’s what a couple of Berkeley students are listening to this October. Zoe Lewin, 3rd year, Rhetoric and History of Art, Los Angeles, CA FKA Twigs, “Pendulum” “FKA Twig’s eerie sounds and funky vibes are what I’ve been grooving to this fall…” XXYYXX, “Alone” “It’s kind of old, but it gives … Continue reading What’s On Your Playlist?

Hip-Hop, Meet Your Match: Introducing Ensemble Mik Nawooj

I first interviewed composer and pianist JooWan Kim of Ensemble Mik Nawooj in April of 2013. At the time, the ensemble was still gaining popularity, building on a small but steady following of Bay Area artists since their start in 2010. The music merges concert and hip-hop aesthetics, resulting in a beautiful and unique sound. … Continue reading Hip-Hop, Meet Your Match: Introducing Ensemble Mik Nawooj

Midsummer Playlist (Ft. The Bleachers)

While I was enjoying Berkeley’s (very few) blue skies and warm weather – indoors (with a text book and enough rockstars to put the energizer bunny though finals week) – I put together this wishful midsummer playlist. The Bleachers’  “I Wanna Get Better” is an awesome tune for anyone going through a mid-college (or any … Continue reading Midsummer Playlist (Ft. The Bleachers)

Sun’s Out!

To  celebrate a fantastic summer break, I’ve compiled a “Sun’s Out!” playlist to help settle ourselves down after the onslaught of finals week and the releasing of grades.  Though summer playlists usually entail exciting and upbeat songs, “Sun’s Out!” is actually quite the opposite. When putting together this playlist, I decided to set the mood … Continue reading Sun’s Out!