Style on Scène: Rebel Without a Cause

Before watching Rebel Without a Cause for my post-World War II American Studies class, I had preconceived ideas that the narrative would center around recklessness, putting a middle finger up to “the man” and perhaps a motorbike gang (of which James Dean was the front man). I think this preconception is fairly justified: The film’s … Continue reading Style on Scène: Rebel Without a Cause

Style en Scène: Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”

When analyzing Hitchcock, it is critical that nothing is overlooked – particularly fashion. This obsessive genius does nothing by mistake. Every minute detail has purpose and meaning, emphasizing something about the situation or a particular character. In Rear Window, Grace Kelly’s character, Lisa Fremont, is the epitome of 1950’s imagined perfection, and this is her … Continue reading Style en Scène: Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”


and it was on early mornings or rather late nights like these that the silence of the city about to wake suddenly becomes more beautiful than the most sublime of melodies and as the light slowly begins to seep into my window I listen to the rustle of the oak leaves as they remind me … Continue reading STREET STYLE MEETS POETRY

NYFW 2016 Spring Ready-To-Wear

Well, it’s fashion month again and as usual, we kicked it off with New York Fashion Week. Every season hundreds of designers have the opportunity to show their collections to ultimately, the whole world. They dictate what’s in and what’s definitely out. So, here are just some personal favorites after watching almost all the shows. If you have missed … Continue reading NYFW 2016 Spring Ready-To-Wear

Significance of Fashion Magazines

“September is the January of the fashion” Former Vogue’s big name, Candy Pratts Price said enthusiastically in the famous fashion HBO documentary The September Issue (2009). September is indeed the January of the fashion–it is the time when the biggest fashion weeks happen all over the world. Celebrating the season, some of the biggest fashion … Continue reading Significance of Fashion Magazines