Los Angeles- more than just tans, juice cleanses and traffic

Having experienced Berkeley, Oakland, and even San Francisco for a year, my loyalty still lies with L.A.—it is more than just my home. I am not going to discredit how Berkeley has shaped my mentality, because it really has made me even more open-minded and driven than I already was. More importantly, Berkeley taught me to … Continue reading Los Angeles- more than just tans, juice cleanses and traffic

A Modern Maestro— Stromae —The Belgian Sensation You Should Keep an Eye On

About a month ago, Belgian contemporary pop singer-songwriter, Paul Van Haver, better known by his stage name—Stromae, made a stop in the Northern American portion of his world tour at the Fox Theatre in Oakland. Having heard a couple of his better-known songs, I entered the venue essentially a blank slate, void of any expectations … Continue reading A Modern Maestro— Stromae —The Belgian Sensation You Should Keep an Eye On

The Gaslamp Killer Experience

Let me first start off by saying I go to concerts very often, so when I say that The Gaslamp Killer’s show was one of the best I’ve seen—it’s pretty serious. William Bensussen, better known by his stage name The Gaslamp Killer performed at San Francisco’s Ruby Skye on Thursday, February 19th. Just to give … Continue reading The Gaslamp Killer Experience

Treasure Island Music Festival

I made it to my first music festival on the beautiful, although sort of out of the way, Treasure Island (and now weeks later finally have time to write about it). The Treasure Island Music Festival was a great relaxing introduction into the world of music festivals. It was manageably sized, with two stages that … Continue reading Treasure Island Music Festival

Lemaitre and Dead Times at Rickshaw Stop

I’ve been labeled a “hipster” many times for my supposedly obscure taste in music, but I’ve never actually seen a live indie act until last night. I went to Rickshaw Stop for their PopScene lineups – that night’s show happened to consist of Lemaitre and Dead Times. Rickshaw Stop is essentially a shack with clips … Continue reading Lemaitre and Dead Times at Rickshaw Stop

Chipotle Makes Music

Music festivals may be more popular than ever, but few festivals have both great music and delicious food. Leave it to the creative geniuses at Chipotle to combine two equally enjoyable things into one festival. The best part: it’s free. The Chipotle Cultivate Festival was held in San Francisco earlier this month and I was … Continue reading Chipotle Makes Music

Musings of a Street Walker

The custom of attending a concert is similar to that of bartering: we pay money in exchange for experiences that are often indescribably life-changing. On a rainy night in February, I embarked on one of the most thrilling (albeit slightly dangerous) adventures I have experienced thus far. I decided to attend Young the Giant’s Mind … Continue reading Musings of a Street Walker

The Local Natives @ Oakland

There are too many stories of bands that fade out of sight after releasing only their first album. Some just crumble apart after their first release, never to be seen again. Others just lose their awe and, though still releasing music, are never seen as anything other than a shadow of their original release. Hummingbird, … Continue reading The Local Natives @ Oakland