skin-tillating! summer beauty tips from Samitra Salon

The Hair and Skincare Duo Meetra and Samera like that their clients know what they want. When the sisters opened Samitra Salon four years ago they built it out of a space they describe as an “empty shell;” the building was devoid of electricity, plumbing and any sort of spa-like comforts. Now the luxurious (and, … Continue reading skin-tillating! summer beauty tips from Samitra Salon

When Fashion meets Charity

Have you noticed the racks and piles of clothes near the entrance of Sproul Hall in the past few weeks? Wonder what was really going on? BARE Magazine did a little investigation on this charity clothing sale organized by Spring Foundation, co-partnering with Miss Universe at Berkeley, to reveal the secrets of what makes a … Continue reading When Fashion meets Charity

The Masked Mystique

I have seen some pretty crazy spectacles being pulled off on the catwalks (men strutting in stilettos better than any woman I’ve ever seen), but I must say that one sight that has intrigued me for quite a while are the Maison Martin Margiela masks from its Fall 2012 haute couture collection. It’s been a … Continue reading The Masked Mystique

Something New: Four Quick Fix Hairstyles

Several weeks ago, one of my guy friends was completely puzzled by a short Facebook status: ‘…broke up with my boyfriend of three years. I am going brunette.’ I briefly explained to him that changing hairstyles is a cathartic method for some people. Indeed, it is for me as well. Although I tend to refrain from … Continue reading Something New: Four Quick Fix Hairstyles

Rethinking the statement “Real Women Have Curves”

  I recall being a junior at my all-girls private high school when my teacher made the entire class watch the movie “Real Women Have Curves.” This movie, of course, supplemented the teacher’s lecture and discussion about self-image and the self-esteem issues that many woman face today; teenaged girls seemed like the perfect audience for … Continue reading Rethinking the statement “Real Women Have Curves”

BARE Brunch + Beauty

UC Berkeley’s fashion and culture publication BARE Magazine presents: BARE Brunch + Beauty! Join us for brunch and an afternoon of professional hairstylists (for both males & females), make-up artists, and manicurists. The best part? All services are only $10! Come check it out at Delta Gamma sorority house (2710 Channing Way) on March 18th, … Continue reading BARE Brunch + Beauty

Glitter Nail Polish 101

Glitter is arguably one of the most timeless forms of nail polish. Though not appropriate for the most professional of settings, in nearly all other social arenas, glitter is a dazzling compliment to any outfit. (Literally!) Especially over the course of the past year, glitter has become more and more popular, particularly with brands like … Continue reading Glitter Nail Polish 101