SF Mission Street: A Journey to becoming “Uniquely Cool”

  On the Friday of the dead week, I finally went to the famous Mission Street in San Francisco with my high school friend. I always wanted to go there seeing many photos taken at Mission Street by my artsy friends on Instagram. The photos showed many beautiful mural paintings and I felt a bit more strongly … Continue reading SF Mission Street: A Journey to becoming “Uniquely Cool”

Spring Style: Room Décor & Flea-Market Trinkets

With the end of midterms and the beginning of the new season, Spring-cleaning can take on a whole new meaning. Getting out of Berkeley and roaming through the Mission District proved to be a unique experience as Catriona Lewis and I walked down what could have been a mall, a flea market, a bazaar or … Continue reading Spring Style: Room Décor & Flea-Market Trinkets

Spring Style: The Mission District

In search for this Spring’s new look and hopefully some apartment trinkets to reward my attempts at spring cleaning Shruthi Patchava and I took a stroll (well actually a very long walk) down boutique rich Valencia St. (between 16th and 24th) in the Mission District. Here is a little guide to the spring styles Shruthi … Continue reading Spring Style: The Mission District

Thank God It’s (First) Friday

In an effort to relieve my plight of hunger, I had taken the 1R bus down to Koreana Plaza on a  random Friday evening, with full determination to fill my empty fridge – only to be stopped one stop short of my usual departure point. However, the dreaded feeling of having to walk more than … Continue reading Thank God It’s (First) Friday

My Time in the Middle East

I left California to begin my long journey to the Middle East to visit my family in Jordan and Palestine. I will be traveling for three weeks, and can’t wait to document my time there. For the first stop, I flew out of LAX to the airport in Istanbul, Turkey. After a long and tiring … Continue reading My Time in the Middle East

My Brief American Adventure

My summer began like a Jack Kerouac novel. On the road. Minus the hitchhiking, whiskey bottles, Buddhist revelations, and fleeting lovers. I guess all that actually ties us together is that I was on a roadtrip adventure, and I had his Dharma Bums stashed in my backpack. It was 6 AM last Wednesday, with the … Continue reading My Brief American Adventure

I Love Sweden

Above, you’ll see some of the highlights from my time in Sweden so far, including snapshots of the trendy Södermalm neighborhood to deceivingly pretty flowers bent on triggering all of my allergies. My personal favorite photos are of a girl I met at the Summer Burst music festival, with One Direction and Justin Bieber tats … Continue reading I Love Sweden