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You know that moment when you just listen to something so utterly perfect and raw and real that you wonder how the hell can anyone come up with a song like this? That’s exactly how I felt when I happened to stumble upon Jez Dior’s tracks on SoundCloud.

Jez Dior is most commonly associated with the term “grunge rap”, which is exactly what it sounds like — rap that isn’t afraid to get messy. Jez works with emotions in their rawest and finest form. He tackles them with an intensity and honesty that is rarely seen in the mainstream, which makes his music that much more meaningful. With the help of his talented producer Danny Score, Jez Dior drops a fine specimen of an EP in The Funeral. Moody, heartbreaking, and cathartic, The Funeral is definitely worth a listen.

Read on to find out more about the influences behind Jez’s lyrics, his thoughts on his fans, and what music he’s currently digging right now.

What do you think is the most important thing for people to take away from your music?

I just want people to know that everything I say in my music is something that I really have gone through or am currently going through, its my only form of therapy. I want people to have a sense of relatability when they listen to me.

Your past use of samples is pretty cool and a bit of surprise – it was interesting to see you use “Candles” by Daughter, since that’s a personal favorite of mine. Why do you use the samples that you use?

Well, my new EP “The Funeral” is actually completely sample-free & original. But prior to making that EP I honestly just picked samples from tunes that I loved, I didn’t think about whether or not they would work with hip-hop necessarily…Danny & I are always up for an experiment.


How do you think The Funeral EP compares to Scarlett Sage?

I love Scarlett Sage, and it was an amazing learning process for me…but I have matured as a person & as an artist so much since then and I believe this new EP is really telling of that.

What was your favorite part about producing The Funeral EP?

I just always get really excited when I make something that takes me through a wave of emotions while listening, & when I listen to the EP I’m happy to say it does that in the best way & makes me proud of Danny & I every time.


Which song would you say was your most personal and why?

I’d definitely say “Starts Again” just because it’s a record where I’m blatantly honest regarding a subject that is very touchy & I’m not sure if all artists would feel comfortable putting that out there…we almost didn’t put that on the EP, but we felt like the world needed to hear it.

Who are your favorite artists? What do you like about them so much?

Lately, I’ve been loving the whole Hozier album, my taste in music is constantly growing. But my favorite artist of all time has to be Kanye, He’s just the most innovative & always inspires the culture.


What kind of listeners do you tend to attract? That you want to attract?

Kids just like me! That’s who I make this music for.

Are you ever scared of the songs you were writing?

All the time, but I think that pushes me to become a better writer. It’s tough facing some of the issues that I confront head on literally through my music, but it’s all I have.


What influences your musical style the most, and why? How about your personal style?

Honestly, it’s however I’m feeling that day is that will influence us in the studio. My personal style stems from a mix of older 70’s rock/punk fashion and more minimal cut & sew new age pieces, I guess? I don’t know, my fashion changes every other day as well. I absolutely just love my leather jacket.

Anything you want to say to our readers?

Thank you for your support! I see the growth in this movement everyday & I’m so blessed for it. Jezzy! Funeral Crew!

Check out Jez Dior on SoundCloud or Facebook! You can listen to the Funeral EP below. Image credits go to Jez Dior, Nylon Magazine, Audio Absinthe, and Sunset in the Rearview.

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