In the past few years, fashion bloggers have become a major voice in the fashion industry, providing more homegrown, down-to-earth takes on fashion and beauty. Speaking from personal experience, I basically survived last summer watching and reading various fashion/lifestyle vlogs and blogs (and, in the meantime, developed a very real obsession with drugstore beauty hauls and OOTD posts).  But the most exciting thing is that all these blogs (Jenn Im, EssieButton, IntotheGloss are just some of my favorites) have created nothing short of a professional, creative fashion platform.

That’s exactly what Yanin Namasonthi has created with IDRESSMYSELFF, and that’s why I was so excited to interview her. Yanin has a super simple, clean cut style that’s super sleek and comfy at the same time. BONUS: she has some great statement outerwear pieces in her collection. I definitely look to her blog and vlog (especially her themed OOTD posts) for inspiration during my all too frequent online shopping sprees — like this one!

But I’ll let you get to know Yanin through her own words.

‘IDRESSMYSELFF’ is such a great name for a blog, and I think it really meshes with your style. Is there a backstory to the name or a reason you decided to have IDRESSMYSELFF as the name of your blog?

I just wanted something easy and straight forward. Also something really personal, which is why I chose ‘IDRESSMYSELFF’ as thats what I personally do.

What is your favorite piece in your closet?

My AllSaints balfern biker jacket!

Dinner Attire – Photo Courtesy of Yanin Namasonthi and

How would you describe your style? Where do you draw inspiration for your outfits and videos?

It’s a mixture to be honest. One side is minimal, clean and slick and the other is very rock ‘n’ roll, boho vibes and grungy. I draw inspirations from everything. Mostly movies, magazines, music and eras.

90’s Baby – Photo Courtesy of Yanin Namasonthi and

What got you into blogging? Have you considered blogging full-time or do you have a dream job in mind?

I hated school and how it kept my creativity and inspirations very limited. With blogging, I created a space where I could share my thoughts and what I like and disliked. The creative freedom was what I was craving when I created my blog. I currently blog full-time and do Youtube full-time also. As in doing anything else? I’m not too sure at the moment.

 Do you have any role models in the fashion blogging world or in the fashion industry in general?

Yes, Leandra Medine. Her aesthetic when it comes to blogging and philosophy of wearing whatever you want instead of wearing an outfit for another person is something I feel strongly about.

That Sporty Vibe – Photo Courtesy of Yanin Namasonthi and

Are there people, companies, or brands who you would like to collaborate with?

Definitely — Zara, Vans, Teen Vogue, NYLON, Leandra Medine, Jesse Jo Stark… The list goes on!

 Are you into trend spotting? Are there any upcoming trends you see for fall? Any trends that you want to see in fall?

Not at all. I may wear something that is ‘on trend’, but I don’t actually keep track of trends. I see trends as a limited in vision and I believe that you should wear whatever you want, when you want, and not have a time constrain.

Blue Jeans – Photo Courtesy of Yanin Namasonthi and

What is an item of clothing you have recently been obsessed with/gravitated towards?

My old-skool Vans. They go with everything!

Were you always so stylish? Bring us back to high school/middle school, what was a typical outfit back then?

I think it was when I hit 10/11 years of age that I got into fashion. Before then, I would just let my Mum dress me, which was a mistake when I now look back at the photos. Also in school, we had uniforms so we didn’t have the freedom to dress how we would like.

Finally, do you have a favorite video that you have posted? And, why is it your favorite?

I think my June look book is something I instantly think of, just because the outfits I styled in that video has now become some of my all time favourites.

Check out IDRESSMYSELFF and more of Yanin’s blog and vlog posts at:





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