Men’s Prints and Patterns

With spring and summertime coming around and the sun returning, it’s time to move away from the all-black rain boots and overcoats and don something a bit fresher. As someone whose wardrobe has consistently been a black mass, I’m always looking for nice prints and patterns to add a bit of flavor to the otherwise … Continue reading Men’s Prints and Patterns

Summer Mens Picks

So summer’s approaching and things are starting to warm up. Seeing as the California heat is notoriously hard to dress well for, you might find yourself stuck in the pair-of-shorts-and-a-tee combination for days on end. But don’t worry. The BARE team has picked out some favorite pieces this season to help you perfect your summer … Continue reading Summer Mens Picks

Acronym S/S 2013

For their latest Spring/Summer showing, Berlin-based technical fashion brand Acronym brings us another iteration of their trademark clothes.  As always, the garments utilize innovative technical fabrics to marry form and function.  All the clothes are designed not only with an incredibly sleek and urban aesthetic but also hyper-functional sensibilities. Most outerwear options are fully weatherproofed … Continue reading Acronym S/S 2013

Do Good, Do New: Exploring Fashion’s Contemporary Avant-Garde

There is a longstanding idea that the recycling of trends is the basis of fashion, but the modern age sees an influx of designers who wish to push the boundaries of what clothes can be and even how they are made.  Needle and thread are indeed an integral part of making clothes, but these designers … Continue reading Do Good, Do New: Exploring Fashion’s Contemporary Avant-Garde

Yohji Yamamoto – Pour Homme – Autumn/Winter 2013

Esteemed designer Yohji Yamamoto has been in the industry for just over 40 years now.  On January 17th as part of Paris Fashion Week, his latest menswear show demonstrated that his creative and sartorial edge showed no signs of dulling.  Even with a color palette predominately made of black, Yohji manages to speak volumes with … Continue reading Yohji Yamamoto – Pour Homme – Autumn/Winter 2013

Boris Bidjan Saberi – Menswear – Fall/Winter 2013

Boris Bidjan Saberi is a designer whose creative vision has taken the industry by storm.  With features in high profile publications like GQ and StyleZeitgeist, Saberi’s dark skate-inspired aesthetic is being thrust into the limelight (to my delight).  In his latest collection showcased on Day 3 of Paris Fashion Week (January 19, 2013), Saberi drew … Continue reading Boris Bidjan Saberi – Menswear – Fall/Winter 2013