We’re Partnering with Ok’d!

This semester, BARE is partnering with a cool new application called Ok’d. Keep your eye out for surprises to come, including $50 giveaways every day of Welcome Week! Ok’d is a simple and secure iPhone app to ask for or give money. Just walk into a store, and send a request to a parent or friend asking them to pay for what you need … Continue reading We’re Partnering with Ok’d!

Bare in SoCal Photoshoot

Warm, summer air coming off the ocean blows away lingering doubts. It plays with her hair and it plays with her imagination. It somehow inspires her–somehow makes the American dream clear again–and her steps are more confident (they leave a masterpiece in the sand). She feels fresh and crisp and rejuvenated, like a sea nymph emerging from … Continue reading Bare in SoCal Photoshoot

Street Style: Coachella Edition

While at Coachella, BARE staff member Max Pittman captured some style photos for us. “Coachella was a whirlwind of sound, sight, and (inescapably), heat. But what caught my eye at every turn was the style and fashion that many attendee’s brought to the event, an aspect of Coachella which many come to look forward to … Continue reading Street Style: Coachella Edition

Style Stalking: Kate & Elizabeth

We’re starting a new segment called “Style Stalking”. Basically, we’ll be stalking a fellow student or two for a week and see how they dress each day, all for your viewing pleasure! This week we have Bare’s very own Creative Team leads, Kate & Elizabeth. What’s your major? Elizabeth: Biology Kate: Media Studies Favorite Store … Continue reading Style Stalking: Kate & Elizabeth

The Local Natives @ Oakland

There are too many stories of bands that fade out of sight after releasing only their first album. Some just crumble apart after their first release, never to be seen again. Others just lose their awe and, though still releasing music, are never seen as anything other than a shadow of their original release. Hummingbird, … Continue reading The Local Natives @ Oakland

Join BARE for Spring 2013!

Interested in being part of BARE Magazine? Come to our Info Sessions this week and apply for your favorite teams! For more information, click for Info Session #1 and Info Session #2 And If you are ready to apply, here are the links for the applications: Blog Creative Editorial Events Layout Marketing Don’t Forget! The deadline is Friday, February 1, … Continue reading Join BARE for Spring 2013!