Lengua, I think that’s like spanish for beef tongue or something?

Anyways, that’s the name of this album I stumbled across recently. It’s got some pretty chill vibes, so while you’re studying away for finals week give this album a listen.

Got laid off a while back and decided to go hard with this music thing, just released my EP.

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This semester, BARE is partnering with a cool new application called Ok’d. Keep your eye out for surprises to come, including $50 giveaways every day of Welcome Week! Ok’d is a simple and secure iPhone app to ask for or give money. Just walk into a store, and send a request to a parent or friend asking them to pay for what you need (or forgot to bring to school!). The app generates a personalized card for your purchase. Only good can come from the union of fashion and funding, so check out their website, download the app, and get excited for a new year of BARE!

Bare in SoCal Photoshoot

Warm, summer air coming off the ocean blows away lingering doubts. It plays with her hair and it plays with her imagination. It somehow inspires her–somehow makes the American dream clear again–and her steps are more confident (they leave a masterpiece in the sand). She feels fresh and crisp and rejuvenated, like a sea nymph emerging from the water, washed ashore for a new adventure.

Anh Van, the BARE Magazine stylist and makeup artist, found her inspiration for this photo shoot at the southern California location, Crystal Cove. The style and makeup reflects some of her favorite summer trends: Americana, matching tops and bottoms, and sea nymphs.

Street Style – Coachella Edition

While at Coachella, Bare staff member Max Pittman captured some style photos for us to share:

“Coachella was a whirlwind of sound, sight, and (inescapably), heat. But what caught my eye at every turn was the style and fashion that many attendee’s brought to the event, an aspect of Coachella which many come to look forward to (and prepare for) each year. From wild patterns to daring hemlines, to bubblegum-dyed hair and avante garde accessories, Coachella has transformed from a place to experience artistry to a place to exhibit your own, as no better exercised than in fashion.”


Check out the outfits shot by Max from Coachella!

Style Stalking: Kate & Elizabeth

We’re starting a new segment called “Style Stalking”. Basically, we’ll be stalking a fellow student or two for a week and see how they dress each day, all for your viewing pleasure!

This week we have Bare’s very own Creative Team leads, Kate & Elizabeth.

What’s your major?

Elizabeth: Biology

Kate: Media Studies

Favorite Store to shop at?

Elizabeth: J Crew

Kate: Uniqlo & American Apparel

Who/What are your Inspirations?

Elizabeth: All the brilliant researchers at UC Berkeley

Kate: Jon’s cat… I mean scandinavian, korean and japanese street style, pendleton ward (creator of adventure time). Also Kanye

Some favorite Hobbies?

Elizabeth: Neuroscience research, volunteering, being an EMT, teaching CPR, horseback riding, cooking vegan food

Kate: Eating fried chicken, drinking boba, drawing cats in clothes, lying in bed and thinking of all the work I have to do, singing, judging fashion faux pas on sproul. jk (sort of)



Banner designed by Caroline Young. Original image courtesy of Tommy Ton.

The Local Natives @ Oakland

Taylor Rice in all his Bushy Brilliance
Taylor Rice in all his Bushy Brilliance

There are too many stories of bands that fade out of sight after releasing only their first album. Some just crumble apart after their first release, never to be seen again. Others just lose their awe and, though still releasing music, are never seen as anything other than a shadow of their original release.

Hummingbird, Local Native’s second album was released only a week ago, and one of their first stops for their tour debut was close-by in downtown Oakland. I feared the worst, that they would slip into the pile of bands I once loved, especially with the “heart-breaking separation” from their bassist Andy Hamm.

However, they released their album for listening on iTunes a week before it’s release and practically sung me to ease. Well for a moment at least. That relief soon emerged into excitement as I would soon be seeing them live at Fox Theatre, with the results of that night making me even more of a fan of their music than ever before.

The concert itself was fantastic. Opening for them were the Superhumanoids, bringing with them the sound of the 80’s. I hadn’t heard of them before, and I would presume that the crowd hadn’t either. Little dancing could be seen and barely any energy could be felt. Though I’d rather not say anything against them, I was honestly just wishing The Local Natives would come on stage and bring the theatre to life, and that they did.

The moment they stepped onto the stage people screamed and raised their hands to them. I’m sure they looked at the crowd and felt things to an extent they’ve never felt before, whether it be anxiousness or excitement, because as they said, this was the largest concert they had ever held. Here in Oakland Theatre with every ticket and seat sold out.


They didn’t seem to add much variation to their songs much but they were great regardless. Their new songs, a bit more ominous than their last album Gorilla Manor, didn’t lack any of the energy that I was expecting. Though they still had a few upbeat songs, I found myself falling into their more quiet, melancholic pieces. “Ceilings” in particular entranced me. Though it was their shortest song, it had a beautiful, sweet ring to it that I only wish would have lasted longer.

You can listen to it through spotify here, down below.

Image Credit: showbams.com

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Happy Hour Oysters


There aren’t many places near campus that sell oysters, let alone for a good price.
But there’s a little restaurant called “Sea Salt” that has a place close to my heart.

Located on 2512 San Pablo Ave, it’s only a quick bus or bike ride away (I’ve walked to it once, wasn’t the best idea however), and I’ve since started a tradition from my freshman year, where me and a group of friends would bike on over and enjoy oysters for a pleasant Monday evening.

Their oysters are usually $3, but during happy hour, they go for just $1. The best part is, on Mondays, they extend their happy hour from 3-6 PM to 3-9:30 PM, making it a good spot for dinner on a Monday night if you’re feeling a bit fancier. A great way to make those miserable mondays a little more bearable!

Click here to check it out, I recommend it whole-heartedly.