Apply | Spring 2018

Info session: Info sessions are set for

  • Tues., Jan 23rd at 8 pm ; 187 Dwinelle
  • Thurs., Jan 25th at 8 pm ; 247 Dwinelle

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Applications: Applications will be available for new members Monday January 22th and will be due on Friday, January 26th at 11:59pm.

Feel free to apply to as many divisions as you’d like, but please keep in mind that we will only accept you for one. We have found that when members are able to fully commit themselves to one component of BARE Magazine, we produce a more cohesive project that demonstrates the incredible work of our members!

You must sign up for an interview as well as fill out the application!! Please sign up for an interview slot: HERE

Questions? Contact Us!


Function: Writes the content that goes online and in print for BARE. Content for online will be generated biweekly and the top ideas for print will go in the magazine itself
Commitment: meetings weekly for the entire semester to plan articles and to edit. Our goal is for you to post every other week for online editorial with the possibility of contributing to the print magazine as well.

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Function: Generates most photo & video content for the magazine and website. You’ll help to plan and style photoshoots
Commitment: Meetings every so often, as well as an additional 5-6 hours on the days of each photo shoot that you helped to plan

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Commitment: A few meetings at the beginning of the semester. Once the magazine is about to come out, you’ll meet often and work heavily on it for about a week or so.
Experience Required: Proficiency in editing tools such as Photoshop & InDesign.

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Function: Liaison between BARE and the public.
Commitment: Roughly 2 hours a week, including weekly meetings.

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Function: Plans the events that BARE holds
Commitment: Meetings every now and then, more so when events are coming up. Help set up events, manage them, and clean up afterwards. You may also be asked to call to help find sponsorships.

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Function: To maintain the financial stability of and generate revenue for BARE.
Commitment: roughly 2 hours per week.

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Looking for those interested in web design or programming.

Function: Add features, maintain and update the site.
Commitment: 3-5 hours depending on your task. Tasks will be assigned individually or in small groups of 2-3. Work at your own pace. Weekly team meetings

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We hire between one and two illustrators a semester to work alongside Online Editorial in producing high quality, original visual aids for written content on the BARE website.

To apply, email a portfolio of 3-5 images and a list of your anticipated commitments for this semester to with the subject line ILLUSTRATOR.

(*does not require interview)

Photographers are either part of the Creative division or they work for Online Editorial, producing content to accompany written work on the BARE website.

If you want to photograph for Creative, apply accordingly.

If you want to apply for Online Editorial, email a portfolio of 5-7 images and a list of your anticipated commitments for this semester to with the subject line PHOTOGRAPHER. (*does not require interview)

We are looking to compile a model database that showcases the diversity and beauty of our student body. There are no application requirements other than this: applicants must be willing to be photographed, and subsequently featured either within our print publication or on our website. We are looking for vibrant people who are looking to bring their own vision to the BARE creative process through their modeling.
Function: Model in photo shoots for BARE.
Commitment: Around 5 hours on day of the shoot and a few hours prior to the shoot for a fitting.
Experience Required: none.

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