La Fille Bertha: Spacey Illustrations from Italy to CA



In a world that sometimes feels too cold and harshly real, art gives us the escape we need. An initial reaction to Alessandra Pulixi’s work (including my own) is of delight combined with a sense of nostalgia or is very simply put, unique and extremely sweet to the eye. Its pastel tones, temporal feel and bigger than life features of the characters draw you in.







Alessandra Pulixi, also known as La Fille Bertha is the Italian (more accurately, Sardinian) illustrator behind the beautiful big-eyed and mysterious female characters. Based in Cagliari, Sardinia, she’s worked as a freelance artist and has been a part of all kinds of collaborations since 2012. She was even recently in the States to work on a few projects–and by the States, we mean New York and Los Angeles.


Her works were recently chosen for the American Illustration Awards in New York for two pieces. She has also previously had her artworks shown at several museums in Milan, Bologna, and Rome. The girls she draws come out spontaneously in her expression and research as an artist and they have evolved through the years. While her inspirations come from mostly within, she does have some favorite American illustrators, which include Lilkool, Tuesday Bassen, Kelly Beeman, Audrey Kawasaki, and Tallulah Fontaine.


While her first mural paintings were about 8 years ago, it’s only since 2011 that she has been painting more regularly. Her boyfriend, Alessio Errante, a tattoo artist has also influenced her work. He’s been into graffiti for almost 20 years, and when they met he pushed her to try to transfer her drawings into walls, and to experiment with a new medium of art. As a street artist, her art work is all over cities like Berlin, Vienna, and of course Cagliari (we need some love in California too, please).






She’s painted on vintage Fiat 500s and you can see her illustrations on people; quite literally. Many show off her art on their bodies as tattoos inked by Alessio.


Tattoo by Alessio Aerrante.
Tattoo by Alessio Errante.


She’s also collaborated with Italian fashion brand, Quattromani, interpreting her drawings for the theme of their collection: ‘The Janas’, which are mysterious creatures from a Sardinian legend and are seen in different ways depending on the Sardinian neighborhood. They’re described as spirits, and sometimes diabolical ones. She drew two different patterns for the show, which were worn on the catwalk at the ‘Maxxi Museum‘ during Altaroma’s fashion show.




Alessandra’s designs for Quattromani’s fashion show in Rome.


One of her projects was in November, in L.A. and involved painting an indoor wall for the store, Desperate LA in Silver Lake/Echo Park, owned by Claudia Cassina. It’s a new shop that focuses on independent European brands designed by women. Luckily, we were all back in L.A. at the same time as Alessandra was so, we had to go to Fountain Ave and meet La Fille Bertha for Desperate’s opening party.


While expecting a typical L.A. boutique, this shop was different; the pieces were unique and clearly, charmingly European. For sure, the first thing that catches your eye is La Fille Bertha’s designs spread out in the store.


Desperate L.A.



“Claudia and Leonardo’s taste and research is very interesting and experimental; there’s a lot of prints and illustrations in their selection. My collaboration with them included a party where we launched a small capsule collection of hand-painted, one of a kind haori kimonos and hand-painted clogs, specially made to be sold in the store” Alessandra explained.


Her involvement with the fashion industry doesn’t stop there. Wycon Cosmetics collaborated with three artists involved in the urban world of art and illustration to design their limited edition line of lipsticks, including La Fille Bertha. While the partnership is to celebrate “Liquid Lipstick,” the packaging is the big deal, which has been redesigned with their designs. Each of the three artists have redrawn ten packs of thirty-one shades available for sale. While the shades range from pink to red and to purple, Alessandra’s designs for the packaging are dreamy-pale blue and baby pink.








Trying to figure out Alessandra’s plans for the next few months through her Instagram and Facebook is almost impossible because she has so many collaborations, projects, and events going on. Just a couple weeks ago, she was working on “Influences,” a wall painting for CAMPO, which opened last week in Cagliari. And in February, you can find a selection of her limited edition art prints in Bergamo, Italy at the NAMI Concept Store.



“I see myself working and researching on new projects. I’m open to life changes but I’d love to travel all over the globe for work. I feel grateful for how things are working and I’ll be happy to continue working on my art and exploring new collaborations,” Alessandra says.



Over the next two months, she has two exhibitions in Milan; one will be a bi-personal exposition together with another artist in a space called La Dodo, which she’s really excited about. It opens on the first week of March and lasts until June. The second exhibition, which is a women only exhibition opens on March 15, also in Milan and is at a space called Workshop. In addition to these, she has some secret collaborations in store, which we’ll have a chance to see in March and April.



While her work is always evolving, she does have three constants in her life: her art, research, and soulmate. All we can say is that she’s just warming up and we can bet that we’ll be seeing a lot more of her work–all over the world.



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